after 7 months....

Wow hello everyone! goddamit its been a while, hasnt it?

Gosh its february of 2014 and my last entry was on july 2013. Awww i missed yall, hahaha. Idk what happened to me who was once so addicted to blog like lmao cant believe i actually left this blog for 7 months. Geez whoever read this(who dont know me in real life) might think i left bc spm. But no, i didnt left bc spm. Frankly speaking, idek why i abandoned this blog. Ahah, funny is it. Meh.

Okay, i stopped on july. August, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec were good. Ive finally graduated from school. Ah, i made good memo at school with classmates, teachers and others. Wow, after 5 years, ive finally graduated omg it feels like a dream?? Ahaha, its 2014 fgs dinie aimi, wake up. Tak banyak nk cerita tapi sebenarnya banyak jugak. Do i sound like a keling? Pasal pergi rumah orang tua on last july, dah type dah dlu tapi tak post and now its gone lol hantu delete agaknya. Ehm apa lagi eh? Geez, blame my short term memory. Malas lah nk ingat sangat, sbb susah nk perah otak sikit lepas spm ni. And oh, ive a bad news. One of my internet friend passed away on sept. Al-Fatihah. He was a good friend and i was once met him in 2011. Sedih jugak la walaupun baru sekali jumpa. Nangis teruk jugak la. Dah la mlm yang esoknya trial addmaths dapat tahu berita tu. Time jwb math pun boleh bntai nangis. Sighs. Cos weve known each other since 2009 kot? From myspace to ym to fb to twitter. Rapat kot dgn dia. Hm. Okay dah taknak cerita. To cut it short, 2013 was rough but splendid. 

Nothing hve really changed tho. Bestfriends? Still the same hahaha lmao yes. Obsession? Mybe, bc as we all know, im a vip and i only like bigbang blabla. I still... like them. Cuma dah kurang sikit. More to 2pm nowadays. No, hvent left vip fandom. Im still a vip, kahkah. I still love bigbang. Im just more to 2pm and CL. Gdi, 2pm is precious. Their brotherhood. Ohgod, never thought i'd fall for them but yes ive fell for them and cant longer be saved. Nah, yall might think im a kpopper now. But i dont think i am. I still hate some of kpop groups like ew. My faves - 2pm, Bigbang, CL. Dont ask anymore. Okay tutup cerita pasal kpop. Lepas spm, tak buat apa sangat pun. Memang tak buat apa pun cerita dia. Im waiting for L and yes duk rumah je. Kerja pun tak. You see how lazy i am? 

Hahaha logged in skype jn and fRICK. Found an old convo with him... Yes, kawan yang "tercinta". Sighs, i miss him. I really do. I was on the verge of tears while reading the convo bc i rly miss him?? Last convo was on 6 oct 2011 omg i srsly cant. Funny how we only spent time together for 1 year and half and after he left, we kept in touch for 1 year and after a small misunderstanding, he decided to left... he left for real. And ive never seen him anymore, not even in twitter or fb or skype or ym. Dont u think its funny? Cos we spent time for only 1 year and half but up till now i cant forget him still? Its funny, no? He was a good friend, srsly. But he was a bad friend, for leaving me. 2011 was too painful.