Mood : Frustrated
Yeah , thanks . But act this is a stupid decision you know ! Susah la pindah pindah ? Maa please . I dont want ! I cant leave all my friend just like that . They need me . I need them ! Please please and pleaseeeee . Guys , help me . What else can i do ? Mogok suda , pujok suda . What else ? Tlong ak doe , sblom ak mnyerah nnty , memg pindah la jwbnye . Tiara , im trying syg . Please dont send me that sad msg . Sumpah sdeh jee bce msg msg kau . Yeah , ak syg kauu tahuu :'(

Maaa please pham ! Im not a selfish but this is for my lil bro too . Diorg ckp jee diorg tk kesah but tu bukn hakikatnye . Diorg mesty tnak jugak . Pleaseee ! Klo pindah jugak , im going to be naughty at school and make problems . Okay deal !

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