Azima Asyikin Asri :(

Hey , I just read your blog . Guys , wanna know what she wrote on her blog about me , go to her link beside . 'Kak Jyma Mangkuk' , That is . HAHA :( Kak jyma , Dinie tk brubah pn kot . Knp rmai sgt ckp mcm tu . Mne ade , seriously tk kot . Kak jyma yg brubah , bile textin skrg , kak jyma bls pndek pndek je . I thought you don't need me anymore , care Kak Jyma bls msg mcm mls nk msg dgn Dinie je . I'm sorry , Kak Jyma bnyk kawan , Kak Jyma hot , Kak Jyma ade rmai adeq , then tu Dinie pk , You don't need me. But , after I read your blog , I know , You still love me ryte ? You need me ryte ? And You miss me ? Am I ryte ?

Kak Jyma rmai adeq , seriously rmai . But , I just have you as my sister . Memg la ade yg laen , tpi tk cntct pn . Kak jyma , sincerely , Dinie sdeh kot relationship kite jdi mcm nie skrg . Dlu , kite rpt gyle kot en , but skrg , like ERHHH . Sdeh doe , bile Kak Jyma cite pape atau tgok kt ur wall atau pape la kan , yg psal adeqadeq Kak Jyma , Dinie jeles gyle kot . Mne ade Dinie brubah ! Dinie tk brubah la ! Dinie sygg je kot Kak Jyma . IDOLOVEYOUALLTHETYME . You hope that I'll be happy with my bestfriends , but you're my bestfriend too ! How can I happy if you're not by my side huh ?

Sorry Again , ILOVEYOUMOREEE than youloveme . I miss our old relationship . Yes , I do :(

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