Sweetie ♥♥♥♥♥

Oyy ! HHAA kau engat tk first tyme kite knal dlu ? Dlu kat 1A la kite knal kankan . Sumpah tyme tu aku bnci gyle kat kau weyh . Kan amad gosipkan kite due dlu . HAHA , bile engat blek sumpah kelaka doe sbb skrg kite rpt en :)


Hafiz Mazlan , can I ask you something ? Do you love me as I love you ? Do you miss me as I miss you ? Do you need me as I need you ? Let me tell you something , Ily Imy Iny every hour , minute and second . It have been 2 years I know you and Im happy to be your sis and your bestfriend , haha . You're the only one I want . You complete my life . If I cry you cause it , If I laugh , you're the clown of it . Now , nothing can take you away from me . I do need you till my last breath . Iloveyoufuckindamnhell and Happy Birthday Boy :')

Special for youu birthday boy , Yna sorry if I stole yo song :P

*Post nie jiwang ! HAHA yg tidak berkenan , sila jgn baca .
Hafiz Mazlan , nie entry awk

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