The only sys I really love

Dear Azima Asri ,
I never forget about you lahh sygg ,
You're always in my mind , all the timee okay
How could you say like that huh ? Kak jyma ,
I tk brubah laa ! Apee kak jyma nie , dont say like that .
Kak jyma , num 010 tu kak jyma tahu lah ! Kite kan
penah textin gune num tu sblom nie ? Haiyaa , kak jyma lupe ke ?
HAHA apee la Kak Jyma niee , kelaka btol :D

Ehhh , imissyoufuckindamnhell okayy !
'i always love you even you didn't love anymore okeyy'
Wthell ? I love you every sec okayy ! Ishh kak jyma nie merepek je kije :'(
'Seriously im weak without you . haha , your words :('
HAHA yeah my words :'( I'm weak without you ! Yeahh it's true !
I'm not lying , yeahh I'm not !
I miss our old relationship , yeahh I do and I'm not lying ;'(
Skrg Kak Jyma rmai adek kan , I thought you dont need me
but you miss me like hell ryte ? HAHA you love me :'D
Damn !
Iloveyoudamnhell okayy ! For me , you're still my best sys in this big world <3

With a lots of love ,

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