I'M in Miami Beach

Awwhh ,
Ak penad lahh . Sumpah ak penad .
Ak penad dgn kau , ak penad tggu , bpe ribu tahun kne tggu ?
Haihh pape la , mls nk bukk topik psal kau .
Buad aku sdeh je doe :}

Saket dtg lagii , ahh , knp doe ? Ak nie ade penyakit kronik ke ?
Kjap2 kabur , kjap2 pening , sumpahhhh rse laen mcm .
Tkpelah , ade penyakit lagi cpt matii , kan best tu ? :'D
Heheeee , xD

Heyy heyy bitch , I H A T E Y O U
Kau perampas, sudahh la rmps sume org yg ak syg .
Pleasee, hidup lah dgn hidup kau. Jgn campur hidup aku!
Terima kasihh :')

Rse lame tk menanges ohh :')
Ahh , haha i'm stronggg lahh
No need to cry
Nk snyum mcm nie

Tnak menangis mcm nie

I know I can face all this shit alone :')


lol . there is something good behind all this . Allah test His slaves always . be patient

then be strong girl . everyone doesn't born to be strong automatically . they have to train to be strong . you will be a strong girl . train yourself :) have some self-confidence

remember this . alwayss . NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE in this world but please , dont ever plays God . get what i mean ?

Thanks for your advice Ik Kazama :')
Thanks Hafiz Mazlan for everything :'D

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