Pumped Up Kicks

I need you :/ Fucking need all of you. I miss you guys. Seriously, i miss you guys damn much. Come back, i love you guys, still. I want all of you to be here with me! Where are you? Don't ya know what i've been through?! I know you guys know it ! I know! But why you guys just ignore me liddat oh WTFUU?! Readers, i need them :'{

I still can 'HA HA' when I met them and smile and smile and smile but don't you know its hurt inside?! I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU . ALWAYS, DEAR. But they are not with me now! So where are them?! Beside me? Infront of me? Behind me? NO THEY'RE NOT! They are so far away. They're still in Gombak but why do I feel like they're somewhere in US? UK? I feel like they are soooooooo far away. Tefak?!

I need them. Please, i want them. GOD, can I have them again? Ahhh :'/ Yes, i still hve Nida , Zaty and etc but I still need them. I.NEED.THEM. Who are them? HAHA nahh, let it be my secret. I'll not tell the whole world who are them. I just need to tell the whole world that i miss them and i need them so much.

Kau ignore aku mcm tu je.Kau ckp ILOVEYOUSOMUCHH. SO.MUCH. Mana so much kau? Kau tk buktikan pun. Kay dah, aku siapa je right bagi kau? Siapalah saya ini :) Bahagia much dgn diorg? Go on, aku doakan kau bahagia. Aku pindah lagi kau bahagia en tkpayah layan aku dah haha nice okbye :)

#Kita ada comment something dkt blog awk :) Berjela. Harap awak baca , yang terakhir maybe? Haha :)

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