Don't You Remember?

"He still ................. Yayyy !"

It's toooooo funny and I forgot to laugh. So let's laugh now, HA-HA-HA. A'ah, thanks for laughing w me guys :) Lolol, i'm going insane t(-__-)t When I read that stupid words, i feel nothing. Seriously. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I didn't feel like OMG seriously? Yeayyy i ........ too !! I don't feel like Seriously? Omg i'm going to cry. I just feel nothing! That's great. Happy ? Sad? Told ya that I feel nothing :/

It's weird but yeahh thanks Allah. But I still can't completely erase him from my memory. One day, i'll not remember anything about him anymore, without me realizing ;) Only time can heal a broken heart baby. T.I.M.E. Be patience Dinie Aimi, you'll totally forget about him someday ;)

But heyyy M, I don't hate you. Do whatever shit , i'll never hate you. I told you 'aku takkan boleh benci kau even kau dah buat macam-macam'. Remember? Good then if you still remember my words ;) Just believe my words, I'm not a sweetalker like you hehe peace ^^v Always pray fr yr best dear :)

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