Gotta Be You

Hey evelibadi. How's your school? Me? So far so good alhamdulillah. I love Chemist yknow. Hahaha, ok i'm weird :3 But i do hate add maths. Biology? Bio is suck and i hate it. Physics? Yea 50-50. But ppl said physics is difficult subject :I Ermm yeah maybe i'll hate that subject soon. Actually its totally waste my time when i talk about these science stream subjects yknow. Bcause I guess after the CNY holidays, i'm going to account streams. Yeah maybe. I wish Pn.Fouziah will approve it.

Lalala, stop speaking. Jpg ada yg ckp bajet segala. Haha i know right...Malaysian ppl. Err ce bukak tumblr saya :3 Nehh lot of One Direction pictures kan kan? Ahaha Niall ah paling banyak. LOL, I'm Nialler, got problem? Yeah? You better go die now :) Niall omey k? Omeyyy angat! Yeah semua org gilaaa Zayn ok me tooo but I'm more too Niall okayh, bye. Hahahar.

My Gad, I'm dyingggggg! T.T Eh tak tak, I'm meltinggggg!!

Oh My Zayn <3.<3 Told ya org kening tebal tebal selalu handsome! Nah nie bukti diaa! :*

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