It's 3 a.m and i'm still typing. Lying inside the blanket on the bed. I'm sleepy but idw to sleep. I wanna stay up till the sun rise. Dk why. Something messed up my mind. Tmrrow, i'm gonna leave this house and go to Bangi. It's Toksu's daughter marriage ~ For sure i'm gonna miss you dear blog and readers. Gonna spent my weekend w my big family. The most important person of course my Jaja. Opss, Lany. Jaja is her nickname. Her nickname in our family. If you're not our family, please don't call her with that nickname. You'll die, haha errgh sorry i'm starting to talk nonsense things sorry babe -____- Kayh that's all. I'm gonna leave you fr 2 days dear bloggeh. Readers, please take a good care of my blog yeah? Okay till then! XOXO

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