Dirty Dancer

Dear Edward, yknow what? You made a right decision to choose her ;) Why ? Because if you really loved me , you wouldn't have fallen for her. I'm the one whom you loved first right? She's the second one :) Yeahh, you made a right decision. Yaaa yaa... Hows your life babe? I wish nothing but the best fr yaa. It's you who choosed this so you must be happy now ! ;) My friends hate you, but I can't hate you. I'm sorry :] Enjoy your life dude ;]

Siapa yg tk puas sgt hri tu? Haa nah nie makan dia! Ambik ambik, usha sampai lebam kay . But girls pleasee, don't fall fr him ;( Aku tk snggup dah jd mcm dlu haha. The reason why tnak letak gmbr dia sbb aku tahu nty ada yg 'eeee handsomenya!'. Kalau Dao yg jantan pun terpikat, yg perempuan lagi lah kan? Haha Azriq Dao, he's mine. Back off, i hate you baby ;P Zzzz. AF, loveyoulotsss muahhhh ! :*

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