If It Means A Lot To You

I'm giving up on everything because you messed me up. Did you know that you used to be my hero? You used to be the ones that I really love. You used to be the ones that always there beside me to make me laugh and smile whenever I'm not in a good mood. You used to be my brother whom always give me advice eventho you're younger than me. Haha, but now? You're just somebody that I used to know.

'Kalau kau tak rapat dengan siapa yg kau rapat sekarang, everything will be okay'. Bak kata Tyga ; "If I could turn back, i'll make it alright. If I could make it right, I'd do just that". Haha but, time machine does not exist.. Aku takkan rapat dengan diorg kalau kau tak ignore aku. Kau tahu kenapa aku still update blog pasal kau?! Because I care too much! I give a damn about you, cant you see?! I miss how closed we used to be. I always wish we are still together. Mulut je kata 'pergi mampus' 'lantak' and blabla but deep down inside my heart, 'please come back' 'don't go'. I hope you'll stay but I was wrong. Totally wrong.

Nak betulkan keadaan balik pun tak boleh.. Sebab kau yang dah tawar hati. Kau yang ckp takda guna pun ada akk macam aku ni. Kau yang dah tk minat dengan aku. So macam mana? Why you keep blaming on me? Salah aku jugak er? Aku nk betulkan semuanya tk boleh, kau yg tk bg peluang~ Stop salahkan aku doh. Words hurt yknow. Really. Kau pernah dengar tak orang ckp 'pain makes people change'. Pernah? Haa. Kau rasa ada kena mengena tak dengan kita? Haa cuba fikir ;)

Seems like you don't care about us anymore. Why should I give a damn about us? I know I shouldn't. There's no point in thinking about yesterday. Am i right? I'll miss you. I'll miss all our memories. I need to step up and be strong. I have to face the reality. Hm, im still hoping you never leave. I'll never find someone like you. You cant be replaced. Have a good life, bruno mars (';

Amira Khadijah, i miss you so much. Im sorry for eveything. Im sorry for the pain (': They told me you miss me aite? Haha ikr :'p But dear, please wait fr a while ok? I need some time.. Lemme chill first k? Hew, i know youre a good lil sis. You know youre the best i ever had ('; Be strong. Dont mess up your mind w negative thinking k? I love youu k dear, take care!

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